Pak beauty pageant organiser sick of hypocrite Pakistanis

Ahmed is the one-woman show behind the Miss Pakistan World and Mrs Pakistan World pageants.

Islamabad: The organiser of Miss Pakistan World pageant has said she has had enough of the "hypocritical behaviour" of Pakistanis even as she gets set to hold the eighth edition of the pageant in Toronto next month.

"As I meet more and more people in my life, I come across more and more hypocrites of different colours. They all begin with one sentence: I am a moderate Muslim, but the ones who claim they are the moderate Muslims are the ones who show the first sign of hypocrisy," Sonia Ahmed vented on her blog.

"So guys, when Pakistanis say they are moderate Muslims, beware, as that`s just another form of hypocrisy," she concluded on a post titled `When Pakistanis say they are moderate Muslims`.

Ahmed is the one-woman show behind the Miss Pakistan World and Mrs Pakistan World pageants.

She has had to put up with negative press in Pakistan but there has no stopping her.

"Wow, hypocrisy has reached a brand new level. So yes, party, have women expose, drink, and do all the other things, but hey, wash your sins during the Holy month and become brand new after that and then gloat about it?" she wrote in another post.

Ahmed also objected to Pakistan rushing to Palestine`s help.

"Common, Pakistan, enough of your love for Palestine, first prove that you are a nation worthy to love your own people first. My dear cowards, do something for Pa-Kiss-Taan first, then worry about Pa-less-tine," she wrote.

"Yes, let`s do that and if you are Muslim enough, then we should start Freedom Flotilla for Pakistan! Let`s see you guys do that!" she added.

Ahmed, a fan of former military ruler Pervez Musharraf, describes her political views as "progressive and liberal but pro-Musharraf only!"


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