Pak: Controversial minister resigns blaming Malik

The minister blamed Rehman Malik for the unrest in Karachi and termed him a "pathological liar".

Karachi: Senior Sindh minister Zulfiqar
Mirza, whose disparaging remarks against `mohajirs` had fanned
unrest in Karachi, resigned from cabinet and party posts
on Sunday, blaming Interior Minister Rehman Malik for the unrest
in the city and terming him a "pathological liar".

The senior leader from the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party,
who has been opposed to the paramilitary operation, said he
would have brought peace to the city within 15 days if he had
been given a free hand.

Mirza`s resignation is likely to further complicate the
already volatile situation in Karachi, where political ethnic
violence has claimed as many as 1400 lives this year, 530 of
them over the last two months. It is said to be the worst
ethnic and political violence in the city in 16 years.

At a crowded news conference where he lashed out at both
Malik and the MQM, Mirza said he was resigning as senior
minister in the Sindh Cabinet, as a member of the Provincial
Assembly and also quit as senior Vice President of the
Pakistan Peoples Party.

Mirza criticised Malik for mishandling the situation in
Karachi and said he will provide proofs to the government
about his role in deterioration of the peace in Karachi.

He said that Malik was "hand in glove with terrorists" and
termed him an opportunist and the biggest enemy of Pakistan,
while also holding him responsible for killings in Karachi.

"I have repeatedly told the PPP leadership that Rehman
Malik is a pathological liar," said Mirza.

A close friend of Zardari, Mirza has always been a
controversial figure with several of his statements against
the ethnic Urdu-speaking group Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM)
creating a rift with allies.


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