Pak court gives more time to govt to submit info on foreigners

The petition has been filed in the backdrop of the shooting of 2 Pakistani men by Raymond Davis.

Lahore: A Pakistani court has given more time to the federal government to file a reply to a petition asking the Interior and Foreign Ministries to provide the Punjab government complete information on foreigners living in the eastern province.

A Deputy Attorney General representing the federal government appeared before Justice Chaudhry Iftikhar Hussain of the Lahore High Court yesterday and sought more time to file the reply.

The judge adjourned the petition to a date to be fixed subsequently by the court`s office.

Lawyer Noshab Khan filed the petition in the backdrop of the shooting and killing of two Pakistani men by CIA contractor Raymond Davis in Lahore in January.

Khan claimed that scarcity of correct information about Davis had caused immense hardship to the public.

He asked the court to direct the Interior and Foreign Ministries to supply all necessary information to Punjab`s Interior Secretary about foreigners living in the province, their duties and functions, their whereabouts, movements and designs.

Khan further said the Punjab government should be directed by the court to take necessary measures to safeguard the life and property of citizens, especially from the "hands of foreigners".

Davis was pardoned and freed after over USD 2 million was paid to the families of the dead men.