Pak embassy in Greece blamed for mass deportation

Greek authorities have deported Pakistanis in a crackdown on suspected illegal immigrants.

Updated: Aug 17, 2012, 16:34 PM IST

Islamabad: The Pakistan Interior Ministry has blamed its embassy in Greece for the mass deportation of Pakistanis from that country, and has expressed dissatisfaction over the latter`s performance.

According to the Daily Times, the Interior Ministry expressed severe reservations to the Foreign Office (FO) over the embassy`s performance, saying it had failed to take steps for stopping the continued deportation of Pakistanis from Greece.

The ministry asked the Foreign Office to issue a warning to the embassy so that it could help stop the deportation of Pakistanis in large numbers from that country, documents said.

However, the Embassy of Pakistan in Greece termed the Interior Ministry`s reservations as baseless.

It said that the fragile economic conditions in Greece led to the mass deportation of Pakistanis from Greece. The embassy further said that citizens of other countries were also being deported due to poor economic conditions there.