‘Pak must act against own militants rather than blaming foreign hand for every attack’

Ministers and political figures in Pakistan must stop blaming the “foreign hand” after every terror attack.

Islamabad: Ministers and political figures in Pakistan must stop blaming the “foreign hand” after every terror attack, and should take action to counter its own militant groups, who are the actual perpetrators of violence and have brought only shame to the country, an editorial in a Pakistan daily has suggested.

The editorial in the Express Tribune pointed out that every Muharram, the Taliban and their allied sectarian and militant outfits make a show of their strength.

According to the editorial, it is psychological war against the state and it is succeeding every time the victim after escaping death says the Americans had tried to kill him.

This is humiliating because this pathology of fear comes after the Taliban have claimed that they mounted the attack, the editorial said.

And it will, unfortunately, continue to happen until the state is united and mounts a wholesale offensive, military and non-military, against those involved in perpetrating violence on its citizens on the basis of their sect, it added.

According to the paper, where Pakistan is losing the battle is the mind.

That includes the minds of the country’s ministers and political figures who take great pains to ‘explain’ terrorism as ‘foreign hand’, carefully ignoring the claims of strikes made by the militant groups based in North Waziristan.

Psychologically, it can only be explained as defeatism because the ‘foreign hand’ posited by them includes countries Pakistan can do nothing against, the report said.

The report added if America, India and Israel are involved in terrorism here, ‘then we should say goodbye to Pakistan because we are not in a position to attack them except that we should reactivate our non-state actors’ who have brought shame to the nation.