Pak Navy advt features images of Indian ships

The goof-up appeared in a Pak Navy advt for a multi-national exercise being held in the Arabian Sea.

Islamabad: An advertisement issued by the Pakistan Navy Tuesday for a multi-national exercise prominently featured images of Indian Navy warships even though India is
not among the countries participating in the manoeuvres being
held in the Arabian Sea.

The full-page advertisement for the Aman-11 exercise,
which appeared in The Nation and Nawa-e-Waqt newspapers,
featured images of the Indian Navy`s Delhi, Godavari and
Talwar-class warships.

It also featured images of US warships under the slogan:
"Together for peace".

Warships, aircraft, Special Forces and representatives
from 39 countries are participating in the manoeuvres aimed at
fostering peace in the region and enhancing cooperation to
counter maritime threats like piracy.

Pakistan has not invited India to participate in the
exercise due to the strained relations between the two

Within hours of the Pakistan Navy`s advertisement being
posted on the websites of newspapers, blogger Shahid Saeed
posted the original image of American and Indian warships from
the Malabar 2010 exercise that was used in the advertisement.
There was no official word from the Pakistan Navy.

This was not the first time that such a mistake has crept
into advertisements issued by government agencies in India and

In March last year, an advertisement issued by the police
force in Pakistan`s Punjab province featured the logo of its
counterpart in India`s Punjab state.
In January last year, an Indian government advertisement
pictured former Pakistan Air Force chief Tanvir Mahmood Ahmed
alongside Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and cricketer Kapil


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