Pak orders inquiry into Sindh mob justice case

Ghulam Muhammad was lynched in Tando Adam by a mob, after people suspected him to be involved in illicit flesh trade.

Updated: Aug 24, 2012, 10:03 AM IST

Karachi: Pakistani authorities arrested seven persons and ordered an inquiry into the lynching of a young man in the Sindh province, a day after the case of suspected mob justice came to light.

Ghulam Muhammad was lynched in Tando Adam by a mob on Wednesday, after people suspected him to be involved in illicit flesh trade. He was buried on Thursday in his village.

Police said they had arrested seven people believed to be involved in the incident in which two other men were also injured.

Since the incident was highlighted on television channels, some of whom also showed footage of the mob brutalising the three men, the provincial chief minister ordered an inquiry into the incident.

The incident reminds of a similar case that took place in Sialkot in Punjab province in August, 2010, when two brothers were lynched by an angry mob.

Different versions emerged on Thursday of why the mob in the Joharabad locality of Tando Adam took the law into their own hands.

According to some police officials, the mob got angry because the deceased and two of his accomplices had brought a woman into a house for illicit purposes.

According to locals of the area, Ghulam Muhammad and his accomplices were seen entering the house with a woman following which the house was locked from outside by the residents of the area and the police was called.

Those present inside the house telephoned their friends to get them out, who upon arriving at the scene opened fire and injured one person.

This aggravated the situation and the angry mob tortured Ghulam Muhammad and his accomplices.

Locals say they had complained numerous times about illicit activities taking place in this house.

But civil and human rights groups have expressed concern over the incident pointing out that that the post mortem report of Ghulam Muhammad said he was stabbed nine times with axes and knives by the mob which was inhuman even if he was involved in any illicit activity.