Pak panchayat orders `gang-rape` of sister over brother`s alleged affair
Last Updated: Friday, January 31, 2014, 14:04
Islamabad: A Pakistani panchayat has been accused of ordering gang-rape of a 40-year-old woman in revenge for her brother's alleged affair.

A divorced woman was stripped on the orders of a panchayat in Radiwala about 80 kilometers from Muzaffargarh, Dawn News reports.

According to the report, six men were arrested out of a total of nine accused.

The incident happened on January 24 after a villager sought the formulation of a panchayat accusing Ajmal of having an affair with his wife.

The panchayat leader sentenced Ajmal's sister, F Bibi, to be raped by the men from the aggrieved party as a settlement for his brother 's alleged affair.


First Published: Friday, January 31, 2014, 14:04

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