Pak population rose by 46.9% between 1998 and 2011

Balochistan province witnessed the highest increase in population, according to the preliminary results of Pak`s latest census.

Islamabad: Pakistan`s population increased by 46.9 percent between 1998 and 2011 while Balochistan province witnessed the highest increase in population and Punjab the lowest, according to the preliminary results of the country`s latest census.

Households witnessed an increase of 50.4 percent since 2011 and the population increased from 130,857,717 in 1998 to 192,288,944 in 2011, The News daily quoted preliminary results as showing.

The results did not include three districts of Balochistan, South Waziristan Agency and the regions of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.

However, with the inclusion of the population of PoK and Gilgit-Baltistan, the population would touch 197,361,691 in 2011, as against 134,714,017 in 1998, marking an increase of 46.5 percent.

The highest increase in population was witnessed in Balochistan, followed by Sindh, the semi-autonomous tribal areas, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and the federal capital, while Punjab witnessed the lowest increase in population when compared to the three other provinces.

In terms of percentage, the highest increase of 139. 3 percent was witnessed in Balochistan (from 5,501,164 to 13,162,222), followed by Sindh, where the population increased by 81.5 percent (from 30,439,893 to 55,245,497).

The population of the Federally Administered Tribal areas increased by 62.1 percent (from 2,746,490 to 4,452,913), Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa by 51.6 percent (from 17,743,645 to 26,896,829), Islamabad by 43 percent (from 805,235 to
1,151,868) while the population of Punjab witnessed the lowest increase of 24.1 percent (from 73,621,290 to 91,379,615).

The population of PoK increased by just 1.54 percent from 2,972,501 in 1998 to 3,631,224 in 2001, whereas the population of Gilgit-Baltistan increased by 63. 1 percent from 883,799 to 1,441,523.

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa accounted for 13.99 percent of the total population of Pakistan in 2011, while 2.32 percent live in the tribal areas, 47.52 percent in Punjab, 28.73 percent in Sindh, 6.85 percent in Balochistan and 0.60 percent in

According to the data, the average household size has decreased from 6.9 in 1998 to 6.8 in 2011.