Pak risked attack from US, India after 9/11: Mush

Pakistan would have faced the combined military if it had not allowed US troops on its territory to fight Taliban in Afghan after 9/11 terror attacks, ex-Pak Prez Pervez Musharraf said.

Beijing: Pakistan would have faced the
combined military might of the US and India if it had not
allowed American troops on its territory to fight Taliban in
Afghanistan after 9/11 terror attacks, former military ruler
Pervez Musharraf has said.

"I do not regret at all. I think it was a very correct
decision and if I am told for the same situation I will take
the same decision," he told Chinese state run CCTV in an
interview from his exile in Dubai.

While his decision was prompted by his conviction
that Taliban and its thoughts were not conducive for Pakistan,
he was also concerned about the prospects of US troops
operating from India to attack Taliban in Afghanistan
violating Pakistan`s sovereignty.

"Certainly the US was going to attack Afghanistan
that was clear. Where can they attack from? Through India and
India was all set and ready to extend all kinds of
facilities," Musharraf said.

"If they come from India and we are not with them
and what happens. Pakistan then has to oppose the might of US
and India together. Because they had to go through Pakistan if
they have to reach Afghanistan and our sovereignty will be
violated whether on land or air, from wherever.

Our sovereignty will be violated," the former military
ruler said.

"So quite clearly that was not in the interest of
Pakistan at all and Pakistan could not face the threat of the
force that would have violated our sovereignty or had been
opposed to us," he said.

While analysing what impact the decision to permit
US troops from Pakistan he has taken into consideration the
consequences for Pakistan siding with Taliban.

"I analysed what the impact would be of siding or
not siding. Of basically that the first question that came to
my mind was whether we want to Talibanise Pakistan.
Are we in favour of Taliban.

Do we want that kind of a government in Pakistan?
Do our views on Islam are the same as Taliban.

No all negative, all negative. First decision was this.
I do not want Taliban and Taliban thoughts in Pakistan,
therefore why join them in the first place," he said.

About criticism that his decision resulted in 35,000
civilians in killed in Pakistan and Pakistan acquiring the
reputation of most dangerous country, he said that "(about)
the causalities you are talking off, if you see the details,
90 per cent had been suffered during the last three years.

Go into the details and you will find that out.
That is because the strong checks that we were
having, because of government policies because of our strong
decisions, things were much better," he said.


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