Pak Taliban `creates suicide bombers in 30 mins’

Qari Hussain has been placed on US State Department`s terrorist blacklist.

Islamabad: The Taliban`s "master recruiter" has boasted of his expertise at swaying people to terror, saying he can turn a young man into a suicide bomber in just half-an-hour.

Qari Hussain, who was placed on the US State Department`s terrorist blacklist last week, also claimed that he possesses an army of 5,000 suicide bombers awaiting his command, The Sun reports.

Hussain, who is also considered to be the deadliest of the Pakistan Taliban`s (TTP) commanders, is reportedly known not only for recruiting children to join death missions, but also for being an expert suicide bomb "teacher".

According to reports, Pakistani journalist Rahimulla Yusufzai has revealed that Hussain had boasted of his skills in a telephone conversation while giving an interview for a new documentary about the terror threat in Pakistan.

"Qari Hussain told me himself that he was surprised at how successful suicide missions have been for the Taliban. Young people who agree to be suicide bombers - the numbers are really big,” he said.

"They were relatively unknown in Pakistan four years ago - but he said he has improved his technique. He said he can now turn a young man into a suicide bomber in just half an hour,” Yusufzai added.

Hussain is believed to be behind the huge increase in suicide attacks in Pakistan and personally beheads enemies, the report said.

The US State Department had placed Qari Hussain on the terrorism blacklist because of his alleged role in training Jordanian militant Humam Muhammad Abu Mulal al Balawi who had killed seven CIA officials in Afghanistan in 2009 by exploding himself at their secret base.


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