Pak took strongest action against extremists under Kayani: US

The US considers Pakistan Army Chief Kayani as the most important ally.

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2010, 12:21 PM IST

Washington: Pakistan has taken the most aggressive and strongest ever action against terrorists in the country under General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, the powerful Army Chief who was recently given a three years extension, the Obama administration has said.

"During General Kayani`s tenure as the chief of staff, Pakistan has, in fact, taken the most aggressive action it`s ever taken against extremist elements within its borders. “

“We want to see that continue," State Department spokesman PJ Crowley told reporters at his daily news briefing.

"We continue our conversations with Pakistani officials on how best to accomplish these things which are, we believe, in our shared interest," he said.

The State Department statement on General Kayani assumes significance in the wake of the massive leaks of classified US documents on the war on terror which reveals the links between the terrorist organisations and the ISI, when Kayani headed this intelligence outfit.

The US considers Kayani, which has kept the Pak Army away from politics in Pakistan, as the most important ally as its war against terror enters a crucial phase in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Top US military officials make frequent contacts with Kayani.