Pak Twitter user gets Tom Cruise to bail out flood victims

Pakistan`s tweeters are leaving no stone unturned to embarrass the international community.

Islamabad: Pakistan`s tweeters are
leaving no stone unturned to embarrass the international
community, which hasn`t yet done enough for victims of the
devastating floods, by asking them why they aren`t singing "We
are the world" for the country.

Natasha Jahangir, a New York based photographer and
architecture major, got Hollywood actor Tom Cruise to ask his
fans to contribute for the flood victims through a tweet.

"It`s so sad (that) Tom Cruise is ignoring his
Pakistani fans. Help raise awareness/donations for Pakistan,"
read Jahangir`s message to Cruise.

Though Cruise was quiet for two days, the "Mission
Impossible" star responded with "People of Pakistan, our
thoughts are with you."

Cruise encouraged his nearly million fans on Twitter
to send at least 10 dollars through their mobiles by texting
the word "flood". His message was retweeted by hundreds of

What is baffling Jahangir and other young Pakistanis
is why the international community isn`t pooling resources for
flood victims.

Jahangir`s standard message ever since reads: "I don`t
hear anyone singing `We are the world for Pakistan`."

In her own words she has been mass tweeting to
celebs like a "mad spammer" with or without much success.
American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, who has over 3.4 million
followers on Twitter, asked his fans to donate 10 dollars to a
Pakistan relief fund following a tweet from Jahangir.

Though Jahangir got lucky she isn`t the only one
reaching out to the stars. Zara, another Pakistani Twitter
user, has been doing much the same.

"I can`t begin to tell you all how lucky Ms Jahangir
has been in tweeting, because I have been doing the same.

Luckily, I caught the attention of Angelina Jolie so
far and it worked," she posted on a blog.


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