Pak `water car` inventor`s criminal past revealed

A Pakistani man at the centre of a controversy over his claim that he had developed a car that ran on water was arrested.

Islamabad: A Pakistani man at the centre of a controversy over his claim that he had developed a car that ran on water was arrested in the past for alleged involvement in a bank robbery and illegal possession of arms, according to a media report on Tuesday.

Leading scientists, including nuclear physicist Pervez Hoodbhoy, have debunked Agha Waqar`s claim but he has persisted with his contention that he has developed a kit that allows a car to run on water.

Waqar came to prominence after he was backed by several federal ministers from his home province of Sindh.

According to the Criminal Record Office of Karachi Police, Waqar was registered as "Criminal No 7724" after he was caught "red-handed while committing an alleged robbery" with a man named Hafeez Ahmad in the jurisdiction of New Town police station on August 25, 2010.

Both men were arrested at the time and arms were recovered from their possession, The News daily quoted police records as saying.

Waqar is also an employee of Sindh Police and had been drawing his salary "for years ?without performing his duties", the report said.

Following his arrest, an FIR was registered against Waqar under the Robbery Act at New Town police station.

Another case was registered against him for illegal possession of arms.

Waqar, a resident of Khairpur in Sindh province, mentioned his profession as "private" during the police investigation.

However, police later learned he was a stenographer in Sukkur Police Range.

In July 2008, Waqar got himself transferred to Karachi Range and joined duties as a stenographer.

However, he was absent from duty most of the time. Later, he was transferred to the Investigation Wing.

In May 2009, Waqar used his contacts and got himself transferred to the Anti-Car Lifting Cell and posted at the Chief Minister`s House on deputation.

However, his salary was stopped as he did not furnish a joining report.

Despite these lapses, Waqar was transferred as Personal Assistant to the Inspector General (Establishment) of Sindh in February last year.

The news report said no police officer was aware of his being an employee of the department.