Pakistan likely to release US diplomat: Report

US official Raymond Davis is accused of killing two Pakistani men in Lahore.

Last Updated: Feb 05, 2011, 11:44 AM IST

Washington: Pakistani officials are indicating that a US diplomat charged with murder in Pakistan may soon be released.

Two Pakistani officials in the United States said on Friday they expect Davis to be free in days, once a Pakistani court goes over documents US officials have submitted to prove his diplomatic status. The Pakistani officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive matter. US officials say Raymond Davis, who works at the consulate in Lahore, acted in self-defence in shooting and killing two armed men who approached him on the street after robbing someone else.

Publicly, Pakistani officials have avoided definitive statements on whether Davis qualifies for diplomatic immunity, saying his fate is up to the court. But the officials said their government had to let the case proceed until the US produced the necessary documents on Davis` status. They said Pakistani police believed the evidence supported Davis` story.
Davis was arrested soon after the January 27 shootings. He made a brief appearance in court on Thursday, and his next appearance is set for February 11.

Besides the two men who were shot dead, a bystander was killed when he was struck by an American car rushing to the scene to help Davis.

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