Pakistan rejects India’s Sir Creek stand

Pakistan said it does not recognise the baseline system, which encroaches upon its territory.

New York: Pakistan has rejected India’s stance on the Sir Creek estuary border dispute, saying that the country does not recognise the baseline system, which encroaches upon its territory.

Pakistan has conveyed its sharp reaction to India’s claims on the border in the December 06 letter addressed to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

The Indian claims "impinge upon Pakistan`s territorial limits in Sir Greek area and encroach upon its territorial waters, which are within its sovereign jurisdiction”, the Nation quoted the letter, as saying.

India had earlier posted its stance regarding the Sir Creek issue on the website of the UN Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea in May and November 2009.

The letter points out that India’s encroachment on the border violates international principles.

The letter added that India’s stance also contravenes the UN Law of the Sea Convention, which prohibits a state from applying the system of straight baseline in such a manner as to cut off the territorial sea of another state from the high seas of Exclusive Economic Zones.

"While the Government of Pakistan reserves its right to seek suitable revision of this notification, any claim India makes on the basis of Indian notification to extend its sovereignty and jurisdiction on Pakistani waters or extend its internal waters, territorial sea, Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf is, therefore, not acceptable to Pakistan," the letter added.

The 96-kilometre long Sir Creek estuary separates India`s Gujarat state from Pakistan`s Sindh province.