Pakistan should concentrate on internal threats: Roemer

Timothy Roemer said Islamabad needs to concentrate on internal threats.

Last Updated: Feb 10, 2011, 00:17 AM IST

Bangalore: Defending its arms sales to
Pakistan, US Ambassador to India Timothy Roemer said
Islamabad needs to concentrate on internal threats posed by
various militant outfits and use arms provided by US to combat

Reacting over India`s concerns regarding US defence sales
to Pakistan, he said US President Barack Obama had taken a
very clear stand by stating that he would not participate in
any kind of military build up against India and the arms sales
to Pakistan should not be used against New Delhi.

"Those are for Pakistan to fight its own internal
threats... we want Pakistan to concentrate on its own internal
threats" be it the Al Qaida or the LeT, he said.

"Pakistan needs to focus on the internal threats of
terrorism and to use the arms we provide to counter
terrorism," he said.

Reiterating the US commitment to India, he said Obama had
pledged his personal and the country`s support to enable India
to have a permanent seat in the UN security council.

"He has not said that to Pakistan", he said.
Roemer also pointed out that US had looked into a civil
nuclear agreement with India, but the same had not been
extended to Pakistan.

"India is the corner stone of our global partnership," he

To a question on whether there were any conditions for the
US supporting India to have a permanent seat in the UN
Security Council, Roemer said the President had elicited clear
support for India.

"There are no ifs, ands, buts or any conditions," he said.
Measures like according greater access to more superior
technology and removing nine entities from the list were
indications of its commitment to strengthening this strategic

These technologies are only exchanged with its closet
allies, he said, adding, "India is an extraordinary close,
indispensable partner of the US."

He said the visit of US President to India was a historic
one and was indication of the trend the relationship was
moving towards. It was optimistic and positive where India was
being treated as an emerging global power, he said.

On India`s intentions to finalise the MMRA deal in the next
fiscal, he said, "US is very honoured to be in competition. We
have two very good planes to compete. Both of superior technology."

It would help modernise the IAF and add "little muscle to
the airforce," he said.