Pakistani song about dating `burqa-woman` draws flak

A song that delves into the "will-she", "won`t she" suspense of dating a burqa-clad woman is rubbing a lot of Pakistanis the wrong way.

Islamabad: A song that delves into the
"will-she", "won`t she" suspense of dating a burqa-clad woman
is rubbing a lot of Pakistanis the wrong way.

The video of "Burqa Woman", the song by stand-up comic
Saad Haroon set to the melody of the classic Roy Orbison hit
"Pretty Woman", features a burqa-wearing woman who eventually
does end the suspense by texting her "yes" to her "sweetu"
without of course unveiling herself!

Though many have liked the video posted on Youtube for
what it was intended to be a social satire some have
objected to the description of the burqa-clad women as "desi
penguins" and see it as an attack on Islamic values.

Haroon, who is tickled by the many hate comments and
finds them funnier than his goofy parody, said the song is
actually an introduction to a television show that is about to
air very soon.

"It is a new show that has been filmed in New York,
London, Dubai and all over Pakistan. It is over 20 stand-up
comedians talking about life and comedy over 13 episodes! So
we are very excited about it and it will hopefully be on air
soon," Haroon told a local magazine.

But soon after Haroon uploaded the song on Youtube, a
person using the name ziatabarak posted: "This is not funny!
Shame on you".

Another comment read, "You are extremely unfunny!"
Soon enough, Haroon was accused of mocking Islam and its

"... what right does anyone have to mock a religion
and its beliefs... these women (are burqa-clad) by their own
will. It`s not like they have guns to their heads...," posted
another viewer.

A few bowled for Haroon too.

"He isn`t making fun of Islamic values, he`s making
fun of hypocrisy. It`s aimed at the outward modesty of a
hypothetical burqa-wearing female who is outwardly modest but
doesn`t see anything wrong with a little bit of fun texting
when out of the public eye...

"Are you honestly telling me you don`t know any girls
like this whether they wear burqas or not.

"Why can`t you see it as just that? Instead of an
attack on the values of the Ummah?" went one comment.

Another comment in Haroon`s favour read: "This was so
funny, I had tears running down my face... Your belief system
should not crumble just because someone sees humour in their
own beliefs... Thanks for this brilliant bit of social


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