Pakistanis `go green` in build-up to their I-Day

Pakistanis are changing display pictures on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking websites.

Last Updated: Aug 06, 2009, 15:01 PM IST

Islamabad: Pakistanis are changing their
display pictures on Twitter, Facebook and other social
networking websites to show their patriotism ahead of the
country`s Independence Day on August 14.

The "Sab Green Kar Do" campaign launched by a young
Lahore resident, Farhan Masood, has become a rage in the
virtual world as the country gear up to celebrate its 62nd
Independence Day. Pakistanis are "going green" to showcase
their love for their country.

Over a week ago, Masood started urging his friends on
Twitter and Facebook to turn their avatars "green", the
national colour of Pakistan, in the build-up to August 14. He
even offered to make "go-green" avatars with the Pakistan

"I had noticed a similar display of national pride
happening during the run-up to the T20 Final game. The idea is
to turn the avatar panels green as we approach August 14.

Hence, Sab Green Kar Do!" wrote Adil Najam, editor-founder of
a Pakistani e-zine.

"We tend to use a lot of `green` anyhow. Invariably, we
end up using green even more than usual in August. As someone
who works on environmental issues, my allegiance to green is
even broader than just that!" he wrote.

Bureau Report