Pakistan’s Punjab Governor wants zero-tolerance policy on terrorists

Pak`s Punjab Governor fears that leniency would fail to deter terrorists.

Lahore: Pakistan’s Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer has appealed to the government to exercise a zero-tolerance policy when dealing with cold-blooded terrorists, as he fears that leniency would fail to deter them and may aggravate the situation.

He further said that the Punjab government’s going soft on certain banned religious outfits, has given the terrorists an impression of impunity.

“They are hardened criminals and if the ones in power will move about with them publicly, police and law enforcement agencies will not apprehend them,” The Daily Times quoted Taseer, as saying.

“The Punjab Government has the Special Prosecution Department and it must initiate legal proceedings against such members of banned religious outfits who escaped punishment due to weak prosecution in the past,” he added.

He reiterated that the Ahmedis are a patriotic community and said the attacks targeting them were deplorable.

He vowed that the Pakistan People’s Party would leave no stone unturned in exterminating the terrorists and in protecting the minorities from their clutches.

Meanwhile, Taseer also had a meeting with Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan Sharat Sabharwal.

During the meeting, Taseer expressed Pakistan’s desire to have lasting bilateral relations with India where both parties have an equal say.