Pak`s Parl against US`s support for India`s UNSC bid

Pakistan`s parliament unanimously passed a resolution expressing concern at US Prez`s support for India`s bid for permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

Islamabad: Pakistan`s parliament on Friday
unanimously passed a resolution expressing concern at US
President Barack Obama`s support for India`s bid for permanent
seat on the UN Security Council, with the government saying
such a move would affect the balance of power in the region.

The resolution, tabled by ruling Pakistan People`s
Party lawmaker Shahnaz Wazir Ali, was passed by treasury and
opposition members of the National Assembly or lower house.
Besides expressing concern at Obama`s backing for
India`s bid, the resolution said the balance of power in South
Asia would be affected if India is given such a status.

Talking to reporters at Lahore airport, Foreign
Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi expressed similar concerns,
saying India`s bid for permanent membership of the UNSC "would
have a negative impact on balance of power in the region".

India cannot become a member of the UNSC only with the
support of the US as the move must be backed by a two-thirds
majority in the world body, Qureshi said.

"Pakistan`s opposition to India`s move is in line with
its stance regarding expansion and reforms in the world body,"
he said, adding "We are of the view that any unilateral
support, if it is not based on deep thinking, would affect the
peace and stability of the region."

Qureshi said Pakistan is not opposing India`s bid
"just for the sake of opposition but we have reasons for it".
The expansion and reform of the UN Security Council is
a long-drawn and complicated process with groups comprising
countries of different regions having divergent viewpoints on
the issue, he observed.

Referring to Italian Foreign Minister Franco
Frattini`s comments in this regard during a news conference in
Islamabad yesterday, Qureshi said the reform of the UNSC could
not be achieved by having more permanent members.

Replying to a question about China`s stance on India`s
bid, Qureshi said the issue was discussed with China and both
countries had a unanimous stand in this regard.
"China is a responsible state and always uses decent
diplomatic language while reacting on international issues and
we are satisfied with its stance," he said.

There is national consensus on the issue and the
cabinet had already passed a resolution expressing
apprehensions about India`s bid to become a permanent member.

Qureshi said the US has the right to develop bilateral
relations with India and this would not affect its ties with
Pakistan. Islamabad has been an ally of Washington for many
years and Obama`s support to India would not affect
Pakistan-US relations, he added.

Meanwhile, a copy of resolution passed by the
Pakistani Cabinet was handed over to UN Secretary-General Ban
Ki-moon by Pakistan Mission at the United Nations.