Pak`s PPP to focus on peace, security if re-elected

The ruling Pakistan Peoples’ Party has vowed to perform better if it is re-elected in the coming general election.

Updated: Mar 15, 2013, 16:03 PM IST

Islamabad: The ruling Pakistan Peoples Party has vowed to perform better if it is re-elected in the coming general election, with its manifesto saying that the party will focus on regional peace and security while continuing to extend diplomatic support to the Kashmiri people.

The PPP, which is going into polls after becoming the first party in Pakistan`s history to complete a full five-year term, listed seven "core priorities" in its manifesto, including regional peace and security, measures to tackle terrorism, ensuring the basic needs of the economically disadvantaged and empowerment of women and minorities.

"We will continue to focus on regional peace, security and prosperity by building closer ties with our neighbours built on mutual respect. We will pursue the goal of stability and peace-building in the region as a specific policy priority without sacrificing our diplomatic and moral commitment to the people of Jammu and Kashmir," the manifesto said.

Engaging with the world community as a "global player in trade and economic advancement" will be a strategic priority for the PPP`s foreign policy.

The party said it had initiated a policy of "sustained dialogue with neighbours such as Afghanistan, India and Iran" and claimed it had transformed Pakistan`s foreign policy by "basing it on public consent and transparency".
"Partnerships have been renewed globally at difficult crossroads, such as with the US, and enhanced with old friends such as the People`s Republic of China," the manifesto said.

"We commit ourselves to a Pakistan at peace with itself, and at peace with the world," it added.

On the issue of terrorism, the PPP pledged to launch a nationwide campaign to combat intolerance and extremism.

It said it would place the National Counter-Terrorism Authority under the Prime Minister`s Secretariat to serve as a control room for all federal security agencies.

"Realising that there can be no growth, welfare, fundamental freedoms or quality of life without security and a guarantee of basic protections, we will strengthen the rule of law and devise coordinated, comprehensive strategies to protect the people of Pakistan," the manifesto said.