PBC condemns illegal detention of citizens
Last Updated: Sunday, February 19, 2012, 20:46
Islamabad: The Pakistan Bar Council has condemned the alleged abduction and illegal detention of citizens by intelligence agencies days after the Supreme Court forced two military spy agencies to produce seven men who were reportedly arrested without due process.

In a resolution that was unanimously passed by its members, the PBC criticised spy agencies for allegedly abducting citizens and keeping them in illegal custody against the due process of law.

The resolution was passed at a meeting of the apex body of lawyers held yesterday under the chairmanship of Attorney General Anwar-ul-Haq.

The resolution was proposed by Hamid Khan and seconded by Syed Ayaz Zahoor and Abdul Lateef Afridi.

"This house condemns the abduction of citizens by the government and its intelligence agencies and for keeping such persons missing and untraced against the due process of law," the resolution said.

Referring to the alleged abduction of 11 men by the spy agencies after they were freed by court in 2010, the PBC expressed concern over their miserable condition.

"The House also condemns callous torture committed on the missing persons who have been admittedly in the custody of intelligence agencies," the resolution said.

Four of these 11 men died while in custody and the remaining seven were produced in the Supreme Court last week after a bench headed by the Chief Justice took up their case.

The seven men were unable to walk without help and some of them were carrying urine bags. Their relatives alleged they had been tortured but an unnamed security official told the state-run APP news agency yesterday that all 11 men were linked to several high-profile terror attacks.

The PBC, in its resolution, hoped the judiciary would strictly deal with persons responsible for torturing detainees and award exemplary punishment to them.

The PBC also condemned the target killing of Baloch people by state agencies.

"This house also condemns mysterious deaths and murders of the abducted persons who are found dead in various parts of Balochistan and demands that those responsible for such murders be severely dealt with," the resolution said.

The council decided that its Free Legal Aid Committee would provide free help to relatives of "missing persons".


First Published: Sunday, February 19, 2012, 20:46

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