Pentagon`s charges `baseless`: Pakistan

The latest US report accused Pakistan of undermining security in Afghanistan by allowing safe havens for insurgents.

Islamabad: Pakistan has dismissed the latest US report, which accused Islamabad of undermining security in Afghanistan by allowing safe havens for insurgents, by calling it ``baseless``.

A Pentagon report said that Pakistan is persistently undermining security in Afghanistan by permitting safe havens for insurgents and its failure to effectively combat the flow of improvised explosive devices (IED) materials, reports The Express Tribune.

"The insurgency`s safe havens in Pakistan, the limited institutional capacity of the Afghan government, and endemic corruption remain the greatest risks to long-term stability and sustainable security in Afghanistan," stated the report published by the US Department of Defence (DoD).

The DoD in its biannual report said that the 68,000 US troops in Afghanistan and their allies had succeeded in preventing Taliban advances, while limiting civilian casualties.

The DoD report stated that the insurgency in Afghanistan receives support including sanctuary, training infrastructure, operational and financial support from within Pakistan. "The availability of sanctuary inside of Pakistan enables key elements of the insurgency to remain potent and threatening, including the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani Taliban Network," the report said.

But Taliban havens across the border in Pakistan, the limited capacity of the Afghan government and "endemic corruption" posed the greatest risks as the US prepares to pull out troops by the end of 2014, the Pentagon said.

Reacting to the Pentagon assessment, a senior security official insisted that Pakistan had not permitted any "terrorist sanctuaries" on its soil. "If they (US) have any evidence about safe heavens, they should share with us," he said, adding that Pakistan will issue a formal rejoinder to the report following a detailed study.


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