Petition in Pak court: Is actress Meera a virgin?

Pak courts have to dispose of frivolous petitions such as, whether cricketer Wasim Akram drinks whisky and if actress Meera is a virgin.

Islamabad: In between dealing with
thousands of serious cases, Pakistani courts have to dispose
of frivolous petitions such as one asking whether ex-cricketer
Wasim Akram drinks whisky and another questioning if actress
Meera is a virgin.

A man named Mohammad Fayyaz filed a petition in a
civil court of Lahore claiming that former cricketer Wasim
Akram had hurt the sentiments of Muslims by appearing in a
liquor advertisement, according to a blogpost on the website
of The Express Tribune newspaper.

"Muslims have no problems in endorsing terrorists who
kill people everyday but their fragile sentiments would get
hurt when they see their Muslim brother have a glass of whisky
in a mere advertisement," wrote Tanzeel Ahmed, the author of
the post.

While Fayyaz was concerned about Akram`s perceived
drinking habits, Atiqur Rehman, who claims to be Meera`s
husband, wants a test done to determine if his "wife" is a

"Instead of convincing the judiciary about his
marriage, Rehman came up with the brilliant idea of testing
Meera`s virginity.

However, the judge declined the plea, keeping in mind
that such a test might open another Pandora`s box for the
already infamous actress," wrote Ahmed, whose post has been
widely tweeted and cross-posted at several blogs.

But Meera has seen other such petitions earlier.

A petition filed against her in the Sindh High Court
in Karachi alleged that she had performed in "immoral scenes"
in Bollywood movies.

Other bizarre appeals include those for banning the
Bible by Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam leader Maulana Abdul Rauf
Farooqi because it contains "blasphemous" material and one
challenging the appointment of a Hindu judge.

Punjbai singer Abrar-ul-Haq was summoned by the
Supreme Court for using the name "Perveen" in one of his songs
because a petitioner contended the reference was demeaning for
all women with that name.

A constitutional petition was filed in the Supreme
Court seeking the disqualification of Interior Minister Rehman
Malik because he could not recite a Quranic verse correctly
and another petition challenged the inclusion of a spiritual
leader of the minority Ahmadi sect in a TV discussion because
it "hurt millions" of fellow Muslims` religious


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