Petition in Pak court over an American journalist`s book

US journalist Kim Barker, has said in her book, "Taliban Shuffle" that Sharif expressed a desire to be her "friend".

Updated: Apr 30, 2011, 16:38 PM IST

Lahore: A petition has been filed in a
Pakistani court asking it to direct the ISI to conduct an
inquiry into allegations leveled by American journalist Kim
Barker against PML-N chief and former premier Nawaz Sharif in
her book "Taliban Shuffle".

The petition filed by lawyer Masood Gujjar in the Lahore
High Court says that the Foreign Ministry should be directed
to lodge a strong protest on the allegations with the US

Barker, a former reporter of the Chicago Tribune has
said in her book that Sharif tried to present her an iPhone
and expressed a desire to be her "friend".

Gujjar said in his petition that the allegations
levelled by Barker, who covered Afghanistan and Pakistan, were
part of a character assassination campaign against Sharif for
taking a bold stance in the case of CIA contractor Raymond
Davis, who was arrested in Lahore after he gunned down two
Pakistani men.

He made Barker and the Foreign Ministry parties to the
petition and requested the court to take action on the matter.