Petition to declare Musharraf`s regime unconstitutional

A Pak court has admitted a petition to declare his regime as unconstitutional.

Lahore: In what could be setback to
former Pakistan president Parvez Musharraf`s plan to return to
politics, a Pakistani court has admitted a petition to declare
his regime as unconstitutional and to remove his name from the
list of the country`s presidents.

The petitioner is no lesser person than former
president Rafique Tarar.

Tarar`s petition, which was admitted by Lahore High
Court Chief Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry yesterday, said that
he (Tarar) should be considered the constitutional President
for the period that Musharraf`s regime was in power.

Musharraf came to power in a military coup in 1999 by
overthrowing the PML-N government led by former premier Nawaz
Sharif. Tarar was the President at that time and continued
till Musharaff took over in 2001.

The Chief Justice overruled an objection raised by the
court`s registrar to admit Tarar`s petition, which said
directions should be issued to authorities to remove all
references to Musharraf in public and official records that
described him as the President.

The court`s registrar had earlier raised a technical
objection to the petition and asked Tarar to file it at the
Islamabad High Court.

A date for the hearing of the petition is yet to be
fixed by the court.

Tarar said in his petition that he had taken oath as
President on January 1, 1998.

In October 1999, the elected government was toppled
but he continued to hold the office of President.

Tarar asked the court to declare that he had never
resigned from the office of President and continued in the
position till Asif Ali Zardari took oath as President in 2008.

He further asked the court to declare that Musharraf
was not entitled to any privileges as he was not an elected


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