Political deadlock continues in Nepal; NC, Maoists parleys fail

High level parleys to end political stalemate in Nepal failed on Tuesday with the Maoists sticking to their demand.

Updated: May 18, 2010, 18:29 PM IST

Kathmandu: High level parleys to end
political stalemate in Nepal failed on Tuesday with the Maoists
sticking to their demand that Prime Minister Madhav Kumar
Nepal should resign to pave the way for a national government.

The talks held between Unified CPN-Maoist chairman
Prachanda and acting Nepali Congress President Shushil Koirala
in Kathmandu to end the political deadlock failed to yield any
concrete result as the two sides stuck to their stands.

NC asked the Maoists to take the peace process to its
logical end by integrating and rehabilitating the Maoist
combatants before discussing the issue of power sharing.

"We have also asked the Maoists to return the seized
land and house belonging to different people and to dissolve
the paramilitary structure of the Young Communist League of
the Maoists so that an atmosphere of trust could be created,"
the party`s president Shushil Koirala told PTI.

The Nepali Congress wants to see completion of the
peace process and to move ahead the process of drafting the
constitution, he said.

However, Maoist supremo Prachanda has demanded that
Prime Minister Nepal should first quit in order to pave way
for forming a national consensus government.

This was the first meeting between Nepali Congress
and the UCPN-Maoist after the government registered a motion
in the Parliament seeking extension of the Constituent
Assembly that expires on May 28.

The Maoists have been opposing the government`s move
saying that they would not support such a deceptive move of
the government without consulting the main opposition.

The two sides, however, agreed to continue their
dialogue in order to find a way out from the current political

Earlier, Maoists had said that they are open to
discuss an alternative to party chief Prachanda as their prime
ministerial candidate, but within their own ranks.

"We are ready to discuss about the alternative to
Prachanda as prime ministerial candidate from within the
party, but not from outside the party," UCPN-Maoist
spokesperson Dinanath Sharma had told PTI.

His remarks over the issue came in the wake of media
reports that intra-party rift has widened in the Unified
CPN-Maoist over the issue of electing a new Prime Minister.

Prachanda had said he was ready to dissolve the
party`s paramilitary organisation and facilitate the
integration of its combatants with the army.

Prachanda, who is also the supreme commander of the
Maoists` People`s Liberation Army, said his party was ready to
dissolve the para-military structure of the YCL, the youth
wing of the party, and integrate and rehabilitate the Maoist
combatants within four months.

On May 7 amid intense pressure from the public,
Nepal`s Maoists had called off their 6-day-old anti-government
general strike that began on May 2 to force Prime
Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal to quit.