`Positive Sino-Indian ties good for Bangladesh`

A Dhaka daily said good ties between India, China augur well for South Asia.

Dhaka: The positive outcome of last week`s Sino-Indian talks "should be heartily welcomed" by Bangladesh and augurs well for the South Asian region, a Dhaka daily says.

The Daily Star commended the growing emphasis on economic ties between India and China taking precedence over their political differences.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was in India from December 15 to 17.

"The deeper the cooperation and collaboration in the economic field, the fewer are the chances of confrontation and the more the prospect of peace and harmony. The inevitable spin-off effect would in equal measure affect all the countries of the region, and the world, one hopes," it said in an editorial on Monday.

"We feel that it is an eminently positive development for the two Asian giants, and which many see as future world powers, to appreciate the very essential truth that in economic cooperation lies the vehicle of progress.”

"It is an acknowledgment of the reality by the two countries that by drawing upon economic strength rather than competing militarily for strategic bonus can both avoid falling into the trap of the security dilemma which may prove counterproductive for both in the long run."

It went on to say that "China-India bilateralism is a classic example of how to put aside contentious issues and exploit each other`s trade and business potential for mutual benefits. It is a lesson that the rest of South Asia can and should draw from".

"For Bangladesh, more than any other country, what is important is how we make the most of our position between the two giants," it observed.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina visited China in March, while Leader of Opposition Khaleda Zia is currently in Beijing.