PPP reposes `confidence` in leadership of Zardari, Gilani

The ruling PPP has vowed to foil any move to derail the democratic set-up in Pakistan.

Islamabad: The ruling PPP has vowed to
foil any move to derail the democratic set-up in Pakistan even
as the party’s senior leaders reposed "full confidence" in the
leadership of President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister
Yousuf Raza Gilani.

The federal cabinet, during a meeting chaired jointly
by Zardari and Gilani, resolved that democracy, the parliament
and unanimous constitutional amendments adopted earlier this
year will be "defended and protected at all costs".

The meeting was held late last night against the
backdrop of growing rumours and speculation about a political
change due to the Pakistan People’s Party-led government’s
inept handling of flood relief efforts and the mounting public
anger over the country’s economic problems.

The meeting, described by presidential spokesman
Farhatullah Babar as a "mid-term review of the government",
assessed the progress made by the administration, the
challenges faced by it and the way forward.

It resolved to continue taking steps to strengthen
democracy and address problems faced by the people.

The participants in the four-hour-long meeting
candidly expressed their views on all political, economic and
security issues and adopted a resolution reposing "full
confidence in the leadership" of PPP co-chairman Zardari and

Among the issues discussed in the meeting were the
political situation, the state of the economy, rehabilitation
of flood victims and relations with coalition partners.

Both Zardari and Gilani addressed the gathering.
The meeting noted that despite challenges and hurdles
in its way, the government had "waded through difficulties
successfully and achieved significant achievements on
political and economic fronts as well as on the front of fight
against militancy", Babar said.

Zardari, in his remarks, asked the participants "not
to be deterred by the negative propaganda against the

He thanked the world community for its help in
tackling the flood situation but said Pakistanis also "have to
help ourselves to gain the confidence and credibility of
international donors".

"For this, we have to generate indigenous resources
and then look towards the international community for greater
assistance," he said.

Zardari also said the international community has
realised that a stable, democratic and prosperous Pakistan is
key to addressing global issues like counter-terrorism,
non-proliferation and narcotics trafficking.

The News daily quoted its sources as saying that
Gilani had made an "unusual confession" during the meeting
about making "some mistakes", including the appointment of an
official after he was blacklisted by the Supreme Court.

The sources further said that the meeting believed the
PPP-led government had failed to properly air its views in the
media and had thus become "totally isolated".


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