Pregnant Pakistani woman burnt to death

A 23-year-old pregnant Pakistani woman was burnt to death though it was not yet clear if it was a case of suicide.

London: A 23-year-old pregnant Pakistani
woman, who had moved to Britain early this year after
marriage, was burnt to death here, though it was not yet clear
if it was a case of suicide.

Asiyah Khan had arrived in the country earlier this
year and was living with her husband Naveed, mother-in-law and
two sisters-in-law.

The family of the woman which went out for shopping
yesterday, found the house locked when they returned home.
The girl`s husband then climbed over the gate only to
find his wife`s charred body in the back garden, the Daily
Mail reported.

One of the family`s neighbours said the victim`s
husband came screaming for help and she rushed with him to his
house and found the body in garden but there were no flames.

"Nav came round to get me saying `help me, help me`. I
didn`t know what to expect when I got round there, I thought
she might have fallen over or the baby was coming early. I
thought I`d have to be a midwife.

"When I got into the garden, I just didn`t know what
to do with him he was hysterical, the sisters were
hysterical and the mother was too," she said.

"There were no flames, the body was just black and you
could see bits of her clothes around," she added.

Emergency services were called to the residential
street in Bradford but the woman was pronounced dead at the

Police were investigating the incident and it was not
clear whether the woman had set herself on fire or had been
set alight by someone else.

No one has been arrested in connection with her death.
According to the neighbours the woman was rarely seen
outside the house and did didn`t speak English.


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