Relationship with Pakistan difficult: Clinton

Hillary said Pak was still trying to find how to deal with terror threat.

Washington: Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton on Sunday said that America`s relationship with Pakistan
is "very difficult" as Islamabad was still trying figure out
how it was going to deal with the terror threat.

"It`s a very challenging relationship, because there
have been some problems. We were very appreciative of getting
our diplomat out of Pakistan, and that took cooperation by the
government of Pakistan. We have cooperated very closely
together in going after terrorists who pose a threat to both
us and to the Pakistanis themselves," Clinton told the ABC
news in an interview.

"But it is a very difficult relationship, because
Pakistan is in a hard position, trying to figure out how it`s
going to contend with its own internal extremist threat," he

"I think, on the other hand, we`ve also developed good
lines of communication, good opportunities for cooperation,
but it`s something we have to work on every day," Clinton


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