Roadside bombs kill 5 NATO troops in Afghanistan

Roadside bombs killed five NATO troops in Afghanistan.

Kabul: Roadside bombs killed five NATO troops in Afghanistan, the international force said today, adding to a violent summer as coalition forces step up patrols in the
Taliban-dominated south.

Separately, NATO reported that Afghan and foreign troops
found nearly 2 tons of processed heroin, 800 kilogrammes of
opium and 90 kilogrammes of ammonium nitrate yesterday that
could have been used to make 25 roadside bombs in the southern
province of Helmand.

The drugs had a street value in the United States of more
than USD 38 million before taking into account the common
practice of cutting them with other ingredients, which would
exponentially increase the value, according to the US Drug
Enforcement Agency.

Another joint force arrested a Taliban insurgent involved
in bomb-making after intelligence indicated he was plotting an
attack during the upcoming international conference Tuesday in
Kabul, NATO said. Several other insurgents were arrested
during the raid yesterday night in Kabul.

An American service member was killed by a blast in
eastern Afghanistan today, while another coalition soldier,
whose nationality was not released, died in a roadside bomb in
a southern province, NATO said. It gave no other details.

Two members of the multinational force died in a single
explosion yesterday in the south. The NATO-led force gave no
details but said one of the troops killed was American.

Roadside bombs planted by insurgents are one of the
leading killers of both international troops and civilians in

To counter the threat, the US is sending USD 3 billion
worth of detection equipment and bomb-resistant vehicles to
Afghanistan, the Defence Department said earlier this month.


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