Scrapping of Indian contract ‘blunder’: Nepalese Dy PM
Last Updated: Saturday, April 17, 2010, 18:07
Kathmandu: A week after Nepalese government scrapped a contract to an Indian government agency of making machine readable passports, the country's Deputy Prime Minister Saturday described it as a "blunder", indicating a rift in the coalition government on the issue.

"We committed a blunder by cancelling the contract without waiting for the verdict of the Supreme Court," Sujata Koirala, also the country's Foreign Minister said and demanded that Kathmandu should express regrets to New Delhi over it.

We should express "a sense of sorrow" to India for whatever happened on the passport issue," Koirala told a delegation of Reporters Club Nepal at her residence, as she conveyed her displeasure over the issue.

The Supreme Court had issued an Interim stay on the printing of the Machine Readable Passport in response to two separate writ petitions filed in this regard.

However, the apex court is yet to deliver its final verdict on the matter.

"By ignoring the case that is in the Court would not convey a good message at the diplomatic level," she pointed out.

"The cabinet had decided to award the contract to an Indian company and the same cabinet cancelled the decision, which is absurd," she said.

Nepal government should express regret to government of India over the issue of cancelling the contract so that the it would not adversely affect the bilateral relations between the two countries, she pointed out.

Indian Embassy has already expressed its displeasure over the government's decision to cancel the contract for printing the passport.


First Published: Saturday, April 17, 2010, 18:07

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