Shells from Pakistan hit Afghan village: Police

Nine artillery shells fired from Pakistan hit a village in eastern Afghanistan overnight.

Last Updated: Mar 01, 2011, 22:19 PM IST

Jalalabad: Nine artillery
shells fired from Pakistan hit a village in eastern
Afghanistan overnight, injuring a policeman, an Afghan police
commander said Tuesday.

General Aminullah Amerkhail, commander of the border
police in the province of Nangarhar, said the shells -- what
he said were the latest in a series of attacks -- "were fired
by Pakistan security forces" stationed on the border.

"Nine artillery shells were fired near our posts in
Goshta district," he told AFP. "These were fired by Pakistani
security forces. One of our police was injured."

But Pakistan`s chief military spokesman, Major General
Athar Abbas, told AFP by telephone in Islamabad: "We do not
have any information in this regard."

Amerkhail said the attack was part of a wave of
cross-border artillery strikes on Afghan soil from Pakistan in
the same area over the past 10 days.

He added that 500 families had moved out of their
homes and sought alternative shelter nearby as a result, but
did not give details of any damage to buildings.

Last month, Afghan and Pakistani troops exchanged fire
over the border, leaving one Pakistani soldier dead in the
most serious clashes of their kind since 2007.

The disputed, unmarked border area between Afghanistan
and Pakistan has been described by United States President
Barack Obama as the most dangerous place in the world -- it is
seen as the global headquarters of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Afghanistan and Pakistan routinely trade accusations
over border security, with each saying the other allows
militants to infiltrate the porous and mountainous border,
which is around 2,400 kilometres long, to carry out attacks.