Sobhraj flays Nepal`s SC for convicting `wife`

Charles Gurmukh Sobhraj has flayed Nepal`s SC for convicting his "wife" Nihita Biswas and her mother following their outbursts.

Kathmandu: Charles Gurmukh Sobhraj has
flayed Nepal`s Supreme Court for convicting his "wife" Nihita
Biswas and her mother following their outbursts against its
decision to uphold the life sentence of the `bikini killer`
for the 1975 murder of an American tourist.

The celebrity criminal said that it was shocking that
the Supreme Court convicted Nihita and her mother Shankuntala
Thapa, who was also Sobhraj`s lawyer, in a contempt case.

The convicted international "serial killer" also
slammed the court for the verdict that disqualified Thapa from
becoming a judges.

In a press release issued by his French lawyer County
Payer, Sobhraj claimed that no law has clearly barred lawyers
from holding the post of judge.

22-year-old Nihita and Thapa were convicted for use of
abusive language against the judges on September 27 after the
apex court in July upheld the life imprisonment for Sobhraj in
the 1975 sensational murder case of American tourist Connie Jo

The top court not only slapped seven-day imprisonment
and Rs 50 as fine on Nihita and her mother, but also banned
Thapa from assuming any position as judge in future.

In an email, Payer quoted Sobhraj as saying that
Nihita and Thapa were jailed for a day when they attended the
apex court to record their statement as per order.

"Justice Ram Kumar Prasad Shah decided the case whom
Nihita and Shakuntala had accused of being biased while
delivering the verdict against me," Sobhraj was quoted as
saying by the Himalayan Times online in his three page

The convicted criminal, who has been languishing in
Kathmandu central jail, also accused the judiciary of being
the most corrupt in the world and claimed that many examples
proved his allegation, the report said.

On July 30, a division bench of Justices Ram Kumar
Prasad Shah and Gauri Dhakal upheld a lower court verdict to
convict Sobhraj for killing the US backpacker.

66-year-old Sobhraj, a French national whose father
was an Indian and mother a Vietnamese, has already spent seven
years in prison.

Nihita and Thapa had accused the judges of corruption
following the final verdict which dashed Sobhraj`s hope for
freedom. They had abused the judges, saying they took bribe
and gave biased judgment against Sobhraj.

After being convicted for contempt of court, Thapa and
Nihita deposited a fine of Rs 225 each the apex court had
imposed on them and submitted a written apology committing not
to challenge its sanctity in bid to escape being sent to jail
for a week.

The court accepted their apology.
Sobhraj`s trial was splashed in the international
media after he announced his engagement and then marriage,
while inside prison, to Nihita in 2008.

Nicknamed the "Bikini killer" and "Serpent", he has
been accused of luring young women and killing many of them.

Sobhraj, who was earlier held in New Delhi`s Tihar prison, was
deported to France in 1997.