Solve AQ Khan`s security issue by Nov 16: Pak court

A Pakistani court directed the govt to sort out by November 16 a controversy over disgraced nuclear scientist AQ Khan`s security protocol.

Last Updated: Nov 04, 2009, 16:08 PM IST

Lahore: A Pakistani court on Wednesday directed the
government to sort out by November 16 a controversy over
disgraced nuclear scientist A Q Khan`s security protocol amid
his claim that he was leading a "prisoner`s life" in view of
heavy police deployment at his residence.

72-year-old Khan had filed a petition in the Lahore High
Court asking for the removal of his security protocol. He
claimed that he was leading a "prisoner`s life" because
security personnel had been deployed at his residence in
Islamabad and he was followed wherever he went.

He also told the court that his movements had been
restricted in the name of the security protocol.

During today`s hearing of the matter, Deputy Attorney
General Shah Khawar said Khan "is not an ordinary citizen."

"He is a national asset and the government cannot
compromise on his security," Khawar said.

A two-member bench of the High Court directed the federal
government to talk to Khan on the issue and mutually resolve
the matter.

The court said if this is not done by the next hearing
scheduled for November 16, it would settle the issue of Khan`s
security protocol.

Earlier, a single-judge bench of the High Court had on
August 28 ordered the lifting of Khan`s security protocol.

But a two-member bench restored the security protocol on
September 2 following an appeal from the federal government.

After Khan reached a secret agreement with the government
in February, the Islamabad High Court had declared him a "free
man", five years after he was put under house arrest for
operating a clandestine proliferation network.

The US has expressed serious concern over any move to end
the restrictions on Khan, describing him as a serious
proliferation risk.

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