Taliban attack in Kabul not spectacular: Pentagon

Pentagon spokesperson George Little said the attacks on Kabul seem to be a co-ordinated set of attacks.

Washington: The latest Taliban attack on the
US Embassy and the headquarters of the International
Assistance Security Force (ISAF) in Kabul is not spectacular
one, the Pentagon said on Tuesday, asserting that those behind this
would not prevail.

"This was far from the so-called spectacular attack,"
Pentagon spokesman George Little told reporters.

Responding to questions about the firing from outside on
the compounds of US Embassy and ISAF headquarters using small
arms and rocket-propelled grenades, Little said it seems to be
a co-ordinated set of attacks.

"But walls have not been breached to my knowledge and
there is a significant response from the Afghan ground forces
and ISAF. The situation remains on going but has not resulted
in the kind of destruction the insurgents probably expected,"
he said.

"We will not deter in Afghanistan. The insurgents would
not prevail. Our resolve is unwavering. The transition remains
on track. Our commitment to the people of Afghanistan and to
building the capacity of the Afghan National Army and the
Afghan National Police and the other elements if the security
forces remains steadfast," he said.

"There is absolutely no change in our commitment to the
transition. Increasing the capacity of the Afghan security
forces remains top priority for ISAF," he said, responding to
a question.

Little said this fighting season had shown less effective

"They are resulting to such kinds of attacks because they
can’t more widespread offensives. That’s a tribute to the
significant effort of the ISAF, American forces and our
partner Afghans who have the fight in a very aggressive way to
the insurgents and have suppressed their operations which
otherwise could have been catastrophic," he said.


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