`Taliban cannot move a finger without Pak support`

Pakistani authorities deny any support for the insurgents fighting NATO forces in Afghanistan.

London: Launching another broadside against
Pakistan, Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Friday said the
Taliban, that has launched some audacious attacks in his
country will not be able to "move a finger without Pakistani

As Afghanistan marked 10 years of the overthrow of the
Taliban government today, Karzai said his government and US-
led NATO have failed to provide Afghans with security.

Karzai said that it was a "serious shortcoming" that the
Taliban were able to launch such spectacular attacks but also
added that "these problems come from abroad" and pointed the
finger at Pakistan`s role in the Taliban insurgency.

"On the overall policy of Pakistan toward Afghanistan and
towards Taliban, definitely, the Taliban will not be able to
move a finger without Pakistani support," Karzai told a news agency.

In recent months Afghanistan has seen a string of brazen
assaults on major cities and military targets as well high
profile assassinations, such as the killing last month of
Afghan peace envoy and former president Burhanuddin Rabbani,
allegedly by Taliban-linked Haqqani network, which is based in

Karzai also traced some of Afghanistan`s current
insecurity to military strategy in the early years of the war
and the failure to tackle the Taliban sheltering in Pakistan`s
volatile tribal areas.

"NATO and the US and our neighbours in Pakistan should
have concentrated a long time back, in the beginning of 2002-
03, on the (Taliban) sanctuaries," he said.

In an outburst following the killing of Rabbani, Karzai
had accused Pakistan of refusing to support investigation and
playing a "double game" on terrorism.

Karzai added that the president and prime minister of
Pakistan were eager for good relations with Afghanistan but
re-emphasised that Taliban sanctuaries in Pakistan will not go
away unless the government there co-operates with the Afghan

Karzai, who has just returned from New Delhi after
signing a historic strategic partnership agreement with India,
also accused Pakistan of supporting the insurgency, saying
sanctuaries there still needed to be tackled.

Pakistani authorities deny any support for the insurgents
fighting NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Although he was eager to emphasise achievements in
education and health, Karzai admitted that security was his
greatest failing.

"We`ve done terribly badly in providing security to the
Afghan people and this is the greatest shortcoming of our
government and of our international partners," he said.

Karzai also admitted that the policy of talking to the
Taliban had received a serious blow with the assassination of
ex-president Rabbani but still added: "Find an address, find a
location, and we will talk to you."

He also vowed to step down in 2014 and said he was
working on the succession.

"I feel it is my responsibility to be working on a next
president that the Afghans can trust and that they can have
faith in, and that he as the president can serve this nation,"
he said.


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