Taliban mocks NATO for ‘fleeing Afghanistan’

The Taliban has mocked NATO forces for ‘fleeing Afghanistan’ in ‘humiliation and disgrace’.

Last Updated: Oct 08, 2012, 12:09 PM IST

London: The Taliban has mocked NATO forces for ‘fleeing Afghanistan’ in ‘humiliation and disgrace’ to mark the 12 the anniversary of America’s longest war in the Asian country.

“With the help of Allah, the valiant Afghans under the Jihadi leadership of Islamic Emirate defeated the military might and numerous strategies of America and NATO alliance,” the Taliban said in a statement.

“And now after eleven years of unceasing terror, tyranny, crimes and savagery, they are fleeing Afghanistan with such humiliation and disgrace that they are struggling to provide an explanation,” it added.

According to Sky News, the statement emerges at a time when concerns are growing that when international combat forces leave by the end of 2014, the country will again descend into civil war.

The US led invasion on October 7, 2001 was to topple the Taliban government for harbouring Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden after the attacks on New York and Washington.

The Taliban were quickly removed from power, but launched an insurgency that has grown in strength over the years.

According to data by icasualties.com, a total of 3,199 NATO soldiers have been killed in the war, over 2,000 of them Americans.

Most deaths occurred in the past five years as Taliban attacks escalated, the report said.