Taliban reigning terror all over Pakistan now: Malik

Pakistan Interior Minister admits Taliban has reached the country’s mainland.

Islamabad: Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik has admitted that the Taliban has expanded its reach well beyond the rugged lawless terrains of tribal regions into the country’s mainland.

Addressing the National Assembly, Malik said that country’s security forces are committed to reign in the terror groups, which have now spread in the country’s urban areas after being flushed out of their hideouts in tribal areas.

“The TTP is all over Pakistan now, but security agencies would get them wherever they are,” Malik said while hinting towards a military operation in south Punjab and Sindh, where scores of innocent people have been killed in terror attacks in the recent past.

Malik, however, did not specify whether the military would be sent to the troubled areas of Punjab or whether the operation might be intelligence-based.

“Some hostile secret agencies are fuelling the Deobandi-Barlevi and Shia-Sunni divide to destabilise Pakistan,” The Daily Times quoted Malik, as saying.

He also pointed out that Pakistani intelligence agencies were under-equipped and under-trained to combat terrorism, but added that they were certainly doing “whatever they can within their power”.