`Taliban using maulvis to brainwash youngsters`

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pak is using local maulvis and handlers to poison the mind of innocent youngsters.

Karachi: The arrest of four militants,
including two young suicide bombers, here has once again
highlighted the dangerous trend of how the Tehreek-e-Taliban
Pakistan is using local maulvis and handlers to poison the
mind of innocent youngsters and send them to the tribal
Waziristan mountainous region to become suicide bombers.

"Not only are the TTP brainwashing the minds of our
youth with the help of some maulvis of mosques but in some
cases we have also learnt that they have forcibly kidnapped
and transported some youth to the tribal regions to convert
them into suicide bombers," a senior police official said.

The police managed to arrest TTP activists Waqar and
Arshad after deadly clashes in Frontier colony on Sunday after
getting a tip that some TTP suicide bombers were preparing for
attacks in the city.

The police produced the duo in a magistrate`s court
today and got a four-day remand of them.

"These two youngmen are giving us a lot of details
about how the Taliban convert innocent youth into suicide
bombers," said senior official Fayyaz Khan of the Sindh
Police`s Crime Investigation Department.

The significant arrests were declared at a press
conference yesterday by Anti-Extremism Cell chief Chaudhry
Aslam. It was a big bust for Aslam as the young men are a
treasure trove of information into the Taliban network.

They were found with 20 kilograms of explosives, two
hand grenades, two TT pistols, 20 feet of detonating wire, 200
bullets and bombing equipment.

Also significant for the police is that two names from
this group have been linked to the deadly CID building bombing
earlier this year in which over 50 people were killed.

Waqar Ahmed, Arshad Khan and Abdul Razzak, their
handler, and Rashid Iqbal were swept up in a raid between
Saturday and Sunday night in the graveyard in Frontier Colony.

Some of their companions took off under cover of night.
Razzak has told interrogators that he was affiliated
with the commander Wali Mehsud, who is a successor of Qari
Hussain, a suicide bombings mastermind.

He was tasked with roping in young men in Karachi and
prepping them for suicide bombings and sectarian target
killings. Kidnapping for ransom and robberies were also part
of the deal.

In July 2009, he took six of them from Karachi to
Waziristan. Four of them Ibadullah, Arif, Abdul Qadeer and
Hazrat Ali were killed in a drone attack.

Twenty-two-year-old Waqar Ahmed the youngest of seven
children. His father used to work in a private company while
his brothers worked at clinics and medical stores.


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