Taliban warn Pak against launching operation in N Waziristan

The Taliban warned the Pak govt not to launch an operation against militants in N Waziristan.

Peshawar: The Taliban on Thursday warned the
Pakistani government not to launch an operation against
militants in North Waziristan, saying security forces would
face a "crushing defeat" if they moved into the volatile
tribal region.

The Taliban`s warning was conveyed in pamphlets
distributed in Miranshah, the main town in North Waziristan
tribal agency.

Taliban militants travelling in cars handed out the
pamphlets in Urdu and Pashtu, copies of which were also pasted
in various places across the town.

The Taliban, through the pamphlets, warned the government
against launching a military operation in North Waziristan and
urged the people to stand up for a "`jehad` against tyrannical

"Some Generals and Colonels and non-believers in the
Pakistan government, acting in connivance with their foreign
masters to fill their pockets with dollars, are planning to
launch an operation against the brave and valiant people of
Waziristan," it said.

"Be ready for `jehad` in the way of Allah Almighty and
give a crushing defeat to the infidel forces...," it said.

The pamphlets also listed three verses about `jehad` from
the Quran.

"The non-believers all over the world are united against
Muslims and want to impose their man-made system upon us. Our
mosques and religious seminaries are being targeted every day.

The innocent and valiant people are being subjected to severe
bombing in the tribal region through drone attacks" by the US,
the Taliban said.

Pakistani security forces have flushed out the Taliban
from many parts of the tribal belt bordering Afghanistan and
the army is now expected to move into North Waziristan.

The US too has stepped up pressure on Pakistan to launch
a drive against Taliban and al-Qaeda elements in North

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi has said Pakistan`s
"next priority" in the fight against the Taliban will be North
Waziristan. However, he said the operation will be timed in
line with the country`s resources.


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