Taliban won`t attack Pakistani nukes

Pakistan is the "only" Muslim state to have a nuclear arsenal.

Islamabad: Pakistan was the "only" Muslim state to have a nuclear arsenal and the Taliban have no plans to destroy the weapons, the outfit`s spokesman has said.

Fears have escalated of a larger assault by the Taliban after an attack on a Karachi naval base killed 14 people.

Pakistan now fears its sizable nuclear arsenal could be vulnerable, reported the News International.

Taliban spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan dismissed those concerns as the US` "excuse" to pressure the Pakistan government into fighting the Taliban, who he portrayed as the country`s "true protectors".

"Pakistan is the only Muslim nuclear power state," Ehsan told the Wall Street Journal in a telephonic interview from an undisclosed location. He said the Taliban had no intention of changing that fact.

He mocked Pakistan`s willingness to work with the US, saying: "Isn`t it a shame for us to have the Islamic bomb, and even then we are bowing down to the pressures of America."


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