Tens of thousands Nepalese queue up for Korean jobs
Last Updated: Wednesday, June 16, 2010, 18:02
Kathmandu: Tens of thousand of Nepalese youths seeking jobs in foreign countries due to growing unemployment in Nepal queued up for at least ten hours to apply for Korean Language Test (KLT), the gateway to 4,000 lucrative jobs in South Korea.

On Tuesday, the first day, in total 12,728 aspirants applied for Korean Language Test. More than 40,000 people are expected to submit their applications within 4-5 days, according to Labour Ministry.

"Some 4,000 out of those qualifying in the Korean Language Test (KLT) exams will be placed in the job roster of the Korean Human Resource Department (HRD) for employment in South Korea," according to Deepak Subedi, joint secretary at the Ministry of Labour.

There is a growing tendency among the young and semi-skilled labourers to seek jobs in foreign country these days. A large number of Nepalese labourers are working in Gulf countries, Malaysia and South Korea.

Mostly those applying for the Korean jobs are under 30. On an average some 600?700 Nepalese youths go abroad daily in search of jobs.

Nepal's economy, hit by decade-long Maoist insurgency, is trying to recover but the unemployment rate is still high.

According to official figures, Nepal's unemployment rate is 2.1 per cent.


First Published: Wednesday, June 16, 2010, 18:02

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