`Terror outfits in Pak share same goal`

The terror groups such as al Qaeda, Taliban and LeT trade logistics, transfer money and even bomb-makers.

Washington: Terror outfits in Pakistan, such as al Qaeda, Taliban and Lashkar-e-Taiba, have a strong alliance among themselves and they share a same goal, a former US intelligence official said.
"The alliance between al Qaeda leadership and Taliban leadership is very real and they are the same, they have the same goals. In fact, what is frightening is that the alliance between the Afghan Taliban, the Pakistan Taliban, who`s carrying out an attack as early, as late as yesterday in
Islamabad," Dennis Blair, former Director of National
Intelligence, said.

"The LeT, which is carrying out attacks in India. All of that group, which is in the same region on the border between
Afghanistan and Pakistan, thinks it`s wonderful to blow up bombs in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States," Blair told `Charlie Rose` in an interview.

The terror groups trade logistics, transfer money and even bomb-makers, he said adding "so it really is a common effort that all of us have to undertake to put them out. And they are allied with each other."

"You cannot allow one to be secure because it`ll give aid and comfort and sanctuary to the others. So that`s why the Taliban and al Qaeda are part of the same problem, that`s why we have this Afghanistan-Pakistan strategy which tries to get them both," Blair asserted.

The former intelligence officer said Pakistan needs to have better governance in the regions close to Afghanistan to tackle the terror menace.

"So I don`t think we ought to be seduced by the idea that one military operation can solve this whole thing, it`s deeper than that," he added.


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