Times Square bomber got crash course in terror

Shahzad had planted an explosive-laden vehicle in Times Square on May 01.

New York: Pakistani-American Faisal Shahzad, who tried to bomb Times Square, had received a crash course in terror in Pakistan, said an official, adding: "He might have gotten some briefings, but not much".

Shahzad, a naturalised US citizen of Pakistani origin, was arrested at John F Kennedy International Airport while trying to board a flight to Dubai on May 03, two days after he planted an explosive-laden vehicle in Manhattan`s Times Square. The bomb failed to detonate.

Shahzad had visited towns associated with al Qaeda and its Taliban allies, a senior military officer in Islamabad told nydailynews.com.

"It was TTP (Tehreek-e-Taliban) groups from Miran Shah and Mir Ali. There is less belief that he had any formal training or was a hardened militant," the Pakistani officer said and added: "He might have gotten some briefings, but not much."

Officials said that hardcore militants normally get about five to six months` training at camps near Afghanistan.

Shahzad`s "a couple of months" in North Waziristan`s most notorious towns wasn`t enough for advanced terror training, the officials said.

A US counter-terror official: "It doesn`t seem like he was there long enough."


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