Tribesmen warn against military operation

Tribal elders in Pakistan`s North Waziristan tribal region Saturday warned the government.

Peshawar: Tribal elders in Pakistan`s
North Waziristan tribal region Saturday warned the government
against any launching any operation, saying that any offensive
would be considered as an "American imposed" one.

Addressing a news conference in the restive North
Waziristan region, the tribal elders said there was complete
peace in the area.

"There is complete peace in North Waziristan and
tribesmen are honoring the peace agreement (signed in 2008),"
they told the conference in Miranshah.

Elders from main Utmanzai tribe criticised US military
leaders for their call to launch military operation in North

"We will frustrate the conspiracies of the Americans
and inimical forces," he said.

The warning comes at a time when senior US military
generals are piling pressure on Pakistan to launch operation
in North Waziristan, still a stronghold of Taliban militants.

Taliban in North Waziristan, bordering Afghanistan,
had signed a peace deal with the government in 2008 and both
sides are still holding the agreement.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said on Friday that Pakistan will make decision as to when and where
to start that operation and that no one can dictate.

Officials believe that militants have fled South
Waziristan tribal region after the military operation began
and are now in North Waziristan to plan attacks on Pakistani

Maulvi Gul Ramzan, leader of the tribal elders, said
the government writ is established in the area and "foreign
forces are hatching conspiracies of bloodshed? in North

They invited the government and military officials to
visit any place in the region if they have any doubts about
the activities of the suspects.

Tribal elders said that some conspirators
distribute leaflets to create misunderstanding between the
army and the people of North Waziristan.
"We will soon expose these elements," they said.