Try Musharraf for treason: Sharif tells Government

PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif on Monday said that Pervez Musharraf should be tried for treason.

Islamabad: Demanding that Pervez Musharraf
be tried for treason, PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif has said the
government should play its role in the light of the Supreme
Court`s verdict on the former President`s actions to end the
military`s interference in Pakistan`s political set-up.

In his first comments on the recent Supreme Court
judgement on Musharraf, Sharif said "several dictators had
hijacked Pakistan because none of them had been tried in the

He said the court verdict on July 31 was "historic" as
it had declared Musharraf`s action as "unconstitutional."

Addressing a gathering of PML-N workers in Dubai
yesterday, Sharif urged the government to play its role in the
light of the apex court`s decision to end the military`s
interference in Pakistan`s political set-up once and for all.

"Otherwise, the masses can force the government to
make decisions according to their whims just as they played
their role for the restoration of the judiciary," Sharif said,
referring to the movement launched by the lawyers` movement
and the PML-N that forced the government to restore judges
deposed by Musharraf.

He also criticised Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani`s
recent statment that Musharraf can be tried for treason only
if parliament passes a unanimous resolution on the issue,
saying it amounted to defending the former ruler`s actions.

The SC verdict has raised the possibility of Musharraf
being tried for treason. However, only the government can
initiate such a trial.

Sharif said the conditions being attached by the
government had created an impression that it was defending
Musharraf`s actions and protecting him.

The government did not need any sort of resolution for
Musharraf`s trial as the former military ruler "committed the
crime of abrogating the constitution in front of the whole
world and the 160 million people of Pakistan", he said.

Sharif urged the government to ensure Musharraf`s
trials by presenting his wrongdoings before parliament.

Sharif also said it was unfortunate that the Pakistan
People`s Party-led government had not initiated steps to
remove the remnants of Musharraf`s dictatorship.

He said the PML-N would support the government on
constitutional reforms and that the party did not want any
unconstitutional change in the political and democratic

"We want the government to complete its tenure. We
will not allow it to go astray," he said, adding that the
PML-N would extend support to the PPP on the basis of its

Sharif also said the PML-N was not interested in
becoming part of "unproductive committees" set up by the
government, which had a policy of over-complicating issues
facing the country.

Bureau Report

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