Turkey Summit: Karzai seeks aid in fight against `terror`

Representatives from 20 nations have joined Istanbul talks, which is intended to chart the way ahead for Afghanistan.

Istanbul: Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Wednesday
warned that there would be no hope for peace in his
war-ravaged nation without help from its neighbours to combat
"terror groups".

"Terrorist networks are by far the major threat to
Afghanistan`s security," Karzai said at the opening of a
global conference in Istanbul aimed at mapping out his
country`s future.

"They continue to have sanctuaries outside of our border
from where they conduct their merciless campaign of

"Unless regional cooperation is assured to address the
core and root of this issue peace in Afghanistan will remain

Representatives from 20 countries have joined aid agency
members at the Istanbul talks, being held almost 10 years
after the Taliban militia were driven out of power in Kabul by
a US-led coalition.

But the hardline Islamists remain a deadly force in
Afghanistan, continuing to wage attacks against Afghan, US and
NATO forces.

Kabul, like Washington, has complained that Islamabad is
not doing enough against the Taliban and al Qaeda whose
militants have found refuge in Pakistani tribal areas on the
Afghan border.

The Istanbul summit is intended to chart the way ahead
for Afghanistan, with the US-led NATO mission already locked
into military drawdowns that are scheduled to bring all
foreign combat troops home by 2014.


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